Class Descriptions

Community Flow (Donation Based)

Flow weaves together body, mind, & breath in continual and fluid creative expression. The goal is to re-establish the flow of energy, and the physical processes of the body to their proper balance, allowing the body cleanse & refresh itself. Appropriate for those new to Vinyasa and flow practice, but also open to continuing students.  Suggested donation: $8 – $15

Energizing Morning Flow

Wake up and move! Join us for an energizing flow incorporating breath, movement and meditation to help you prepare for a day of productivity and positivity.

Midday Yoga Wall Break 

This class can be a great break in your day. Help reduce stress and prevent injuries stemming from repetitive motion and static sitting postures.  Open to all levels of students, this class offers stillness, subtle flow and strength. Great for shifting any stagnant energy and providing a more calm and productive day.

Rejuvenating Wall Vinyasa 

Before you head home, or out, get your energy moving and blood pumping with this fun flow class. This class is appropriate for intermediate practitioners and beginners who are familiar with the basic postures taught in the Vinyasa Flow style. In addition, we will use the Great Yoga Wall to inspire and make accessible deeper versions of postures. Each practitioner can work at their own level. The emphasis is on the connection of breath and movement.   The sequences will build strength and flexibility, while increasing concentration and balance.

Yoga Wall Flow 

Energize, align, and strengthen! This class combines the dynamic muscle and tension releasing effects of the Great Yoga Wall with a breath focused flowing sequence that strengthens you from head to toe.  Explore and feel the benefits of the Great Yoga Wall to learn how to mindfully improve flexibility and strength throughout your entire body. Instructors apply the art of sequencing a practice using breath work and relaxation with the science of alignment to guide your body into balance.

Yoga Wall Iyengar Style

Explore and feel the benefits of the Great Yoga Wall to learn how to mindfully improve flexibility and strength throughout your entire body. Instructors for this class use breath work and relaxation with the science of alignment concepts to guide your body into balance.

Therapeutic Yoga Classes

Therapeutic Yoga is a practice for those recovering from, or living with, injury or illness. It combines restorative yoga (supported postures), gentle yoga, pranayama (breath work), hands-on healing, and guided meditation. Therapeutic Yoga is an excellent choice for those who need something gentle yet effective for bringing the body into balance and reducing stress. It allows you to step away from the busy-ness of the outside world and access the deeper wisdom that resides within you.

Our therapeutic yoga wall series is based in the alignment based Iyengar Method. Students will learn yoga postures that address and correct postural habits and muscular imbalances that can either cause or aggravate existing injuries. The goal of the series is for each student to develop a short, personalized daily home practice of self-applied care, learning to manage and reduce pain, and prevent future injury. This therapeutic course is appropriate for anyone experiencing pain, stemming from injury, chronic conditions, or for anyone experiencing occasional to chronic discomfort. No prior yoga experience is required.

Yoga Therapy Classes

In the tradition of yoga, our health is viewed as a multidimensional system that is comprised of body, mind, breath, intellect, and emotions and essentially, their complex interaction. The practice of yoga is founded on the idea that intelligent direction of effort/energy can positively influence change within this complex system. Yoga therapy is the focused use of various yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques to help individuals with a variety of health conditions. It can be a helpful compliment to medical care, and in some circumstances, can be used in place of conventional treatments, such as surgery.

Yoga therapy is similar to other healthcare modalities in that it often done through individual consultations. Yoga therapy can, however, also be provided in a small group setting in which participants seek similar therapeutic outcomes and/or share a similar condition. In one-on-one yoga therapy consultations, the degree of assessment can be extremely detailed, which allows for a treatment plan tailored to suit each individual. However, in group sessions, the degree of assessment can be limited and the treatment plan is tailored more to the general needs of the group, with occasional individual modification provided as needed. In either case, the yoga practices are modified and postures amply propped to make them safer and/or more accessible to clients with injuries or other limitations.

Yoga therapists are required to receive specialized training to foster a supportive relationship between the therapist and client/student, and the skills necessary to effect positive change for each individual.

If you have any questions or are having trouble registering for a class or event, please contact us at 716-626-6301 or email us here.

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