Yoga Wall

Yoga Wall

If you would like to register for a workshop or an event, simply click the “register button” and follow the directions as indicated. Or, call us at 716-626-6301 and we can get you registered for the event.

Spinal Rejuvenation Workshop

During this workshop we will explore the full range of motion of the spine; flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation. The sequence combines inversion, distraction and rotation of the spine that, when done regularly, can take years off the age of the spine.

The particular order and repetition of the postures you will learn, progressively stimulates and strengthens core and postural muscles while distracting the spine, allowing blood and nutrients into this typically congested region.We will utilize The Great Yoga Wall to help maximize the experience.

Use it as a stand-alone practice or introduce it into your already existing yoga routine and gain lasting beneficial changes to your body and mind. Pre-registration required.

Led by Jessica Vargas

Cost: $35


Shoulder Release Workshop

Our neck and shoulders are constantly being thrown out of balance due to the demands of our computer driven life and work. This workshop is recommended for students interested in creating more balance in their bodies and specifically seeking relief in the upper spine and shoulders.

This workshop will focus on ways to help you find comfort in upper back bends that expand the chest and allow your heart to open, as well as was to reduce stress and tension that are held in the shoulders. Join us to experience what it feels like to open your heart to yourself, and feel a release enabling your love to flow.

No prior yoga experience required. Pe-registration recommended.

Led by Jessica Vargas

Cost: $25

If you have any questions, please call 716-626-6301 or email OWM Yoga Downtown.

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